Acceptable Risk™

Acceptable Risk™ is a voluntary initiative of Dow to safely predict the precise point at which profitability is threatened by danger to the public.

Using our new Acceptable Risk Calculator™ (ARC), we weigh profits against costs in human life or health, thereby involving the public in the decision-making process about whom to put at risk, and where to locate risk globally. The ARC is available free for industry use; log on below to test-run it for yourself.

Acceptable Risk™ and the ARC were launched on April 28, 2005 at the International Payments 2005 conference, London, in solemn commemoration of the April 30 anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from Vietnam. Dow owes a debt of gratitude to the people of Vietnam for helping Dow define the limits of Acceptable Risk™. Dow's contribution to the War effort was very profitable, and recent appeals for damages by Vietnamese people who received coatings of special Dow herbicides were rejected by US courts two weeks ago, proving the Dow adage: "A skeleton in the closet is quite often golden."

Acceptable Risk™ is practiced by Dow all over the world. While Acceptable Risk goes above and beyond what is legally required for doing business in most countries, we hold ourselves accountable by making Acceptable Risk a "condition of membership" in the most modern way of doing business.

Find out whether your business project will result in "golden skeletons," or just regular ones - try out the Acceptable Risk Calculator™ free!
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