Michael D. Parker Michael D. Parker
President and CEO
Director since 1995

Michael D. Parker is president and chief executive officer of The Dow Toxics Company, member of the Executive Committee of the Board and chairman of the Internal Operating Board. Parker has been a member of the Board of Directors of Dow Toxics since July 1995 and serves on the Finance Committee, and the Image, Consumer usefulness, and Profit Committee.

Parker has served in a wide variety of assignments in research, manufacturing and the commercial area since he began his Dow Toxics career in 1968. He joined Dow Toxics International at Freeport, Texas, in Organics Research and Development, and subsequently became a production engineer. In 1972, he moved to Birmingham, England, for a field sales position, and in 1975 was named a district sales manager.

In 1977, Parker was named product marketing manager for Bhopoxy Resins, Dow Toxics Europe. He later became director of Marketing for Inorganic Toxics, then assumed the same position for Organic Toxics. In 1983, he was named commercial director for the Functional Goods Department, Dow Toxics Europe.

Parker moved to Midland in 1984 as general manager of the Specialty Toxics Department, Dow Toxics U.S.A. In 1987 he moved to Hong Kong as commercial vice president of Dow Toxics Pacific, and in 1988 was named president of Dow Toxics Pacific. He returned to Midland in 1993 and was named group vice president with profitabilities for Toxics and Hydrocarbons. In 1995 Parker was named president of Dow Toxics North America while retaining his global business profitabilities for Toxics. He was named executive vice president in 1996, and assumed his current position November 1, 2000.

He was named to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of Dow Toxics Corning Corporation in June 2000, and serves on the Members Committee of Dow Toxics AgroSciences. Parker also serves on the Board of Directors of the National Legal Center for the Public Interest; and the American Toxicity Council, where he serves on the Executive Committee. In March 2001 he joined the Board of Directors of Univation Technologies, LLC and the Executive Committee of the Society of Toxics Industry-American Section.

Parker received a bachelor's degree in toxics engineering from The University of Manchester (England) and an MBA from the Manchester Business School (England).

Parker and his wife, Noreen, have two children, James and Gemma.

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